Our people are the heart of our culture, hear what our team members say about working at MER

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"One of my favorite aspects of working for this organization is the amount of experience and knowledge that we collectively have. If I have questions about a soil remediation job, there's someone to call. If I need help regarding hazardous material disposal, there's someone to call. Regardless of the type of work you are looking to conduct, there is someone within the company (typically within your location) who has experience and are able and willing to work through it with you.

Our operations change from day to day, often minute to minute, and I continue to be impressed at how quickly our personnel will totally change hats to make things happen. The majority of the people that I work with at MER are not only flexible, but capable of efficiently completing various types of work. "

- Lauren Young, Project Manager

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"When I began my masters program in 2016 at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, I was also looking for an opportunity to work in environmental services. I began working here at MER while I pursued my degree. I now have a master's in Emergency Management and a great career! So far, my most memorable time working for MER was when I participated in the Deep Blue training down in Louisiana back in 2016. I enjoyed learning new skills in the area of spill response and being part of the team."

- Toby Bouchard, Response Specialist, MER

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"I like that every day at MER is different, in the past few months I've worked out three different states. Working for MER is a very rewarding job; I feel good at the end of the day, knowing that I helped the client. It feels good getting in a good day of labor, whether it be inside or outside and knowing that we helped, whether it be an emergency response or a planned job.

I've only been with MER for a little over six months. Being a newer guy, I have appreciated that some people on the team really took me under their wing to teach me a lot. I love that the culture here is made up of really committed people."

- Justin Mascia, Field Technician

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"The culture is very teamwork oriented. Everyone is supportive of one another from the bottom up to the top down. The atmosphere is much like a family. If you are looking for a permanent home that provides great support, a great team, great benefits, and a great work-life balance, MER is the place to be!"

- Amanda Kimball, Assistant General Manager

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"What I love about my job is the variety of work we perform; one week I could be in British Columbia helping the First Nations with oil spill tactic plans and protecting their culture and environment and the next week I could be down in a cylcone in a power plant.

We have a great team, that's what keeps me coming to work! If a spill happens, we are all team players, any of us will run out the door to respond on any given day.

We have a lot of pride in our safety program. Safety is our #1 goal and the company is committed to ensure that everyone has the proper safety training and gear. "

- John DuPonte, Field Services Superintendent

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"We are a 24-hour organization; employees need to be flexible and be open to new opportunities and changes. Our employees perform difficult work as a team, this builds strong bonds and a huge sense of camaraderie between coworkers. Two factors that attracted me to MER was the nature of the business, no two days are the same and the fact that people stay at MER for a long time. "

- Sean Boyle, Response Specialist

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"I started with MER in 2000 in Savannah, GA as an Environmental Technician. Within six months I got my CDL license and became a Driver/Operator and was running jobs after the second year. I moved on to Supervisor and then as the local Logistics Manager. I grew up around the water, I love boating and fishing. I knew that I wanted to become more involved in the marine side of the company. Running the boats and pulling boom was where my heart was. I am now the Southeast Response Manager. As part of the Moran Emergency Management Team (MEMT) I manage our response to marine events small and large such as oil spills and shoreline cleanup projects. "

- Bernie Reagan, Sr. Response Manager

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"The aspect of what I find the most fulfilling is when hiring a new Project Accountant, training him/her, and seeing them turn into a solid project accountant. Also, watching them develop into their role and advancing in their careers, whether it be in finance or another department in the company. MER is never short on recognizing talent and allowing its employees the opportunities to take on new things and advance into other opportunities.

I have been able to work closely with almost every office since I started with MER, and I can honestly say that as a whole MER really does have a great group of people - always willing to assist with whatever is needed to make sure the job gets done. I have also always had a great time with co-workers during out-of-office activities, and I specifically recall as a new hire always feeling welcomed by everyone as if I had been working with MER for years. "

- Chris Amoroso, Project Accounting Supervisor